Game & Nature Reserves

The Wadden Sea National Park is one of the worlds top ten tidal flats and it is on Unesco’s World Heritage list.Huge and stimul. Huge and stimulating – a place of experience and knowledge for everybody – a unique nature reserve, one of a kind in Denmark, and with a global significance.

Seal Safari in the Wadden Sea– There is a good chance of seeing seals in large numbers on Fanø. On the sandbank off Sønderho, there can be as many as 700 seals at low water. Hop aboard the ferry M/B Sønderho for a seal safari to get really close to the animals.

Marbæk Nature Park– The varied terrain offers good opportunities for many different kinds of outdoor activity. Marbæk is part of the Wadden Sea National Park. This is an area of about 3,250 acres, situated 12 km. north of Esbjerg between Ho Bay and the River Varde. Image Map